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Author: Reggie Sipho ka-Isaiah Khumalo, Book: Uphoko, Umqulu 1

The origin of the Cele clan and the Mthethwa Clan has the same source. The origin of the Cele clan stretches from the Northern Ongoye Mountain down to Mhlathuze River till the boundaries of the Dube clan at kwaDlangezwa. The Cele people evacuated the area as a result of their fight with the Qwabe clan at KwaDlangezwa, the Dube clan was attacked by Dingane and gave their area to the Mkhwanazi clan. When they left their place of origin being chased by the Qwabe clan they migrated to the place between Nonoti and Mdloti rivers across Tugela River. They claimed their place will stretch till the banks of the sea.

In The Words of Dr V.B. Nhlumayo

When Shaka attacked the lands, the Cele clan already existed. Around the years of 1700 King Mkhokheleli broke ranks with the Mthethwa clan. King Mkhokheleli was the son to Langa of Zwana, who was the son of Sodi, who was the son of Nqumela. However, it is not historically clear in which years these kings ruled. But it is believed that they ruled years before arriving in what is now KwaZulu Natal. It is also clear that despite merging with the Mthethwa, they did not lose their identity. After King Mkhokheleli, the kingship was assumed by Dibandlela. During Dibandlela's rule, the Mthethwa were ruled by King Dingiswayo.

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