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Translation by: Sifiso Cele

There are now so many surnames of people who split from the Cele. All these people originate from Cele who is the father ancestor to all.

The Mkhungo

The Mkhungo people came about when a man from the Cele saw a beautiful girl at home, fell in love and slept with her. When this deed was found out at home, they were angry and dumbfounded. They locked him up and was given house which was known as Mkhungwini because people were too shocked by his unbelievable act. A cow would be slaughtered in a ceremony to drive off the bad luck of giving birth to disabled children.

The Mbutho

The Mbutho surname came about after a Cele whose name was Mbutho. Mbutho was a famous warrior who was revered by his peers, who liked to share battle stories with him. These battle talk manifested and they would sneak out to at night to attack homes and areas that they did not really like or take kindly to. They were then given the name of Mbuthweni, which resulted in the surname Mbutho.

The Mkhithi

The Mkhithi people are found at Zingolweni. They originate from the Cele clan. They are called Mkhithi after one of the Cele men who was naughty saw slept with a Cele maiden. This greatly annoyed and angered the people, and his behavior was equalled to the fall of snow. A serious feud followed and they fought amongst themselves, resulting in some deaths as many as the fall of snow (ukukhithika). He was then called Mkhithi and his generations were then identified as those of Mkhithi.

The Qumbisa

Qumbisa people are also found at Zingolweni. It was another example of men who seemed possessed by gross misbehavior. A Cele man took interest in a maiden within the Cele clan and she was subsequently discovered to be pregnant. When the issue of the girl’s pregnancy was discussed, it was discovered that the culprit was a Cele in the clan. He was then banished as a bad example of evil because he had impregnated at home in what was taken as incest. He was then described as one who impregnates, hence he was called Qumbisa and so was his children and generations after that.

The Ngwazi

The Ngwazi surname is found mainly around Mawuleni. They are the generations of King Manzolwandle Cele. In this case as well, a man within the clan could not contain himself after seeing a maiden within the clan and decided that instead of her being taken by outsiders, he would claim her as his own and be the first to break her virginity. This deed, of course, angered the elders and because he was a stabber (ingwazi) who “stabbed” within his own people, he was kicked out of the clan. His generations were therefore known as Ngwazi.

In the years around 1980, there was fierce fighting between the Cele of Ngwazini and those of Mawuleni in a fight that was over petty and insignificant issues. Even today, there are reminders of these wars from abandoned homes of people who left their homes behind running away from this infighting.


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